Terrorism and Pakistan

No one could neglect that the dictators destructed the stability of Pakistan by bad politics, boasting their authorities and arrogate thinking approach. The Ayub and Musharraf Eras were responsible for this ongoing situation. From the emergence of good Taliban’s to elimination of all Taliban’s is a black chapter of the history of Pakistan. The questions; Why Pakistan established these groups and offered US to fight against Russia with these militant forces and involvement in War against Terror after 9/11 for the elimination of these militant forces in neighbor country are the questions which no one having the effort to answer.  That’s what; the heroes of the past became the beasts. At the other side, Terrorists destructive activities against Pakistan were started after the first CIA Drone attack on Naik Muhammad(2004) in South Waziristan and thereafter Hakeem Ullah Masood’ s killing by drones did stubborn to these militant groups for doing their evil activities against Pakistan. These attacks were done by US when Pakistan was successfully negotiating with these militant groups. This was the turning point of this war which got place in this peaceful territory. Suicide bomb blasting on public places, schools, mosques, airports and Public institutions were the main points of these militant groups. After 2008 elections in Pakistan, the mandate of governing the state once again given in democratic hands and it was very difficult to handle this entire situation for a new government. The seeds of terrorism were more destructive which got more growth in Musharraf era.

But after the Peshawer attack, the state had decided to eliminate these beasts for get rid of this black chapter and this is a good point for going forward and defeating conspiracies for the sovereignty of the state. At the same time, when Pak. Army is busy in successfully eliminating these militant groups by doing different operations in different areas of the country. Increase in LOC clash at Sialkot region, Drone attacks from US and NATO forces withdrawal from Afghanistan proving that the hands which started this chapter, have been defeated in their conspiracies and want a safe way for returning to their homes after 13 years fight in Afghanistan. But with the passage of time, the state of Pakistan has learnt from the past and there is no way to draw any plot against Pakistan. Enemies want to busy Pak. Forces for getting success in their conspiracies but they are unable in thinking that the term “Divide and Rule is not applicable for Pakistan”. Our agencies and law enforcement agencies know what you want and we have the counter strategies to beat your plots. It will not be easy for you to return from Afghanistan Because Pakistan have got rid of from dictators and Martial Laws and the era of strong democracy is stubborn to defeat your evils. We could not forget the quotation of Henery Kessiener which was said to a Pakistani in May, 1998; “If you are the enemy of US then US is your enemy and if you are the friend of US then US is the Beast and cruel enemy for you. Who established this plot and what will be the end? It will now decide by Pakistan and her community. You have to close your chapter because you are unaware from what we are and what we do? We know well that the relationship on interest cannot replace the relationship on trust. The enemies know that if the chapter of Taliban is closed then there will be no way to pursue the next road. Our Army is ready to destruct your all evils.

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